About Tai

Hey, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out my name is Tai (pronounced tie), hints the name of my blog, Life of Tai.

Since graduating from college in December of 2015 with a BS in Agricultural Communications and Journalism, I’ve flipped the page and began writing a new chapter in my life, post-grad life. Along with embarking on this new journey, I thought what better time to start a new project. Something that I’ve always wanted to do for quite a while, just never had the time, was to start my very own personal blog. So here I am, I have officially gotten my head out of my journal and joined the blogging world. As I continue on my adulting journey I will be sharing words of wisdom, noteworthy life moments, stories about extraordinary individuals, poetry and hopefully providing my readers with any and everything else they need to thrive and survive through this crazy phenomenon we call life. Why take on life’s many trials and tribulations alone when we can do it together! Get to know me and live, learn, and grow with me on my journey!

Goals & Aspirations

I know one thing is for sure: whatever I end up doing in life, I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Something that involves me traveling the world, counseling or capturing people’s stories. My dream career was and still is to become a traveling journalist but life has taken a turn, awoken me from the dream world and brought me down to my current reality, where I began pursuing one of my back up plans, becoming a therapist. I was a full-time graduate student pursuing my MA in Counseling with a Marriages, Couples, and Families specialization and as of October 13, 2019, I am now a graduate. My focus currently is finishing up my last term of internship and studying for my NCE (National Counselor Exam) so I can attain my license.

Personally, I’ve always found it easier to communicate, relate and express myself through my way with words. Thus all the more reason why writing and advising others comes so easy to me. My passion was rooted in conversing and listening to my peers and associates open up to me about a wide variety of topics and having the ability to effortlessly provide them with a listening ear, words of wisdom, or anything that they need at that moment and time. Upon the completion of my degree, I plan to work in a non-profit agency for a few years to be in an environment where I am surrounded by other counseling professionals and can continually shape and hone my skills before I consider starting up my own private practice.

My Life Be Like

Along with being a full-time graduate student, I am a full-time Shift Leader at an indoor rock climbing gym. When I’m not focused on school work or at work I dabble in a few other things. So here’s to me trying to make my social life sound way more exciting than it actually is lol. This is an inside look at my work life, social life, free time and hobbies.


Dancing is one of my very first loves and has been a major part of my life ever since the ripe age of three. Whenever a good song comes on no matter the time or place or the chance presents itself to get in the studio or go out for dancing, I’m there giving it my all and letting the music take control.

Social Butterfly

I am not an extremely social person, I actually consider myself an ambivert, so every now and then when I do feel like being social, I enjoy going out with friends for drinks, brunch, lunch, dinner, movies or just an outing with intentions of being a good time.

Whippin’ In The Kitchen

Another place you might find me in is the kitchen. I’m way too picky to be a foodie but I do enjoy cooking, baking and experimenting with different recipes from time to time. After all, cooking is key when you’re a picky eater like me (;

Adventure Time 

To keep my blood flowing and keep things interesting I enjoy doing pretty much anything adventurous and spontaneous. Whether it be a last minute road trip, getting a new piercing (just call me a piercing fiend), or trying a new hobby. My list of potential adventures has no limits.


One thing that I love to do and been very fortunate to do from a very young age is travel. Outside of the U.S., I’ve traveled to places such as Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Antigua, Guadalajara, The Dominican Republic, Germany, London, Paris (France), Dubai, Australia (Sydney & Melbourne), Spain, Rome, the list goes on and on. I hope to continue to add to my list of travel destinations and morph into a gypsy or nomad someday.

Physical & Spiritual Peace 

Two ideal parts of my daily regimen are working out three times a week to maintain my physical health and reading through my Bible in a year. Still, haven’t quite completed it in a year since I started in 2017 but the goal is to complete it sometime before 2018 ends. When I was a child this was something that my mom made my brother and I do unwillingly, now that I am older I’ve willingly chosen to do this for my own my way of enhancing my spirituality and level of understanding. I’ve grown up in a religious background and as I’ve grown more independent, my focus is to have a stronger spiritual connection and understanding of my own. I still believe in God but not in religion, which is why today I consider myself non-denominational.

Down Time = Tai Time 

On the more lax side of things, which is usually where I like to be when I’m not wrapped up in school or work, you can spot me writing, journaling or blogging (duh), cuddled up in a nook or cranny with my head in a good book, watching movies, binge-watching series, stuffing my face, spending time with my family or bonding with my favorite pups, Romeo and Juliet.

Thanks for reading and getting to know the real me! If you have any questions or comment’s don’t be afraid to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


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