LOT Moments

The Fallen Flower🥀

Intuitions calling Last week on a Sunday evening I went to enjoy a margarita by myself at one of my favorite drink spots not too far from my house, Tacos Y Tortas Adrian. As I was sitting there waiting for my drink and taking notice of my surroundings, not too far from me on the… Continue reading The Fallen Flower🥀

LOT Moments

My Vaca Takeaways✈️

From my most recent blog post, Work Hard, Play Harder  (be sure to take a read if you haven't already) I promised that I would update you all on my two recent vacations. So here's a briefing on the places I traveled to, things I got to do and most importantly what I got out… Continue reading My Vaca Takeaways✈️


WOW: Work Hard, Play Harder

We put in hours at work, school, volunteering or whatever the case may be. We work to make money. We go to school to get an education that will provide us with the skills we need to get the job of our dreams someday. We volunteer for the sheer satisfaction of helping others. We do… Continue reading WOW: Work Hard, Play Harder