Darling Why are you here What do you have in store All alone in an empty room Wishing you were in my bed Instead of in my head Darling To be up close To see all of your flaws All the things you've done wrong The way you see yourself unworthy To be with someone… Continue reading Darling🌹


Already Has Everything🌎

What can you give a man that already has everything The sun and the moon All the stars in the sky A picture worth a thousand words Or a word worth a thousand pictures Perhaps a expensive car wrapped in a red bow A house that sits on a beach where it snows Two plane… Continue reading Already Has Everything🌎


Girl Gone Wise✨

It’s not that she doesn't care anymore, she always will She's got a big heart️, she can't just sit back and chill She learned to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve To put on a good face and do as she may please Not everyone is worthy of her heart or tender loving care… Continue reading Girl Gone Wise✨