WOW: Praise Him in the Valley

This morning, instead of hitting the gym I resorted to embarking on a mother nature run. My mother nature runs aren't just about the physical aspect, I can go to the gym if that’s my sole aim for the day. My mother nature runs give me something the gym doesn’t, peace of mind, body, and… Continue reading WOW: Praise Him in the Valley

LOT Moments

My Vaca Takeaways✈️

From my most recent blog post, Work Hard, Play Harder  (be sure to take a read if you haven't already) I promised that I would update you all on my two recent vacations. So here's a briefing on the places I traveled to, things I got to do and most importantly what I got out… Continue reading My Vaca Takeaways✈️

LOT Moments


Hey there my lovely readers! I hope you missed me as much as I've missed you all! It's been two months since my last blog post (which you should all read, Forgiveness at its Finest) and I'm  back feeling fired up and inspired! As most of you know the purpose of my blog is to… Continue reading Reasons☀️for⛈Life’s🍂Seasons❄️