What About Me🌚

Ever sit back and wonder what you’re doing with your life

Feeling like you’re wasting your time

What happened to what you wanted to be

Making strides to turn your dreams into reality

If I could be and do anything that I wished to, then first I’d have to tell you

I’m sorry that I’m not going to be what you want me to

But the things I won’t apologize for

Is for once in my life, not doing everything I was told

For finding things that truly define me

Doing whatever it takes to feel happy

Not resorting to the passions you predestined for me

Living a life I feel trapped in and filling shoes I can’t fit in

Don’t you see you’re hindering me from being everything that I possibly can be

You want me to become something that I can never envision

Nor do I have the will to consent to your decision

What I want to be is something you simply can’t see

You see it as illogical and I see you as irrational

While you think I’m happy, I’m hiding my misery

We don’t see eye to eye and most likely never will

You need to understand I have this one life to live

I must do what I need to ensure my dreams come true

If I don’t, prepare for a wave of hate to come crashing through

I have just one plea, that you’ll have mercy on me

Bless me with your unwavering love and support

Escort me as I embark on the journey towards my destiny

In the end it’s about me and I’m going to do whatever I please

To hell with social norms

To hell with society

I’ve been going against the grain for so long it’s customary

Excuse me if I disappear or you see a different side of me

Let me introduce you to the real me

The me I was destined to be, but never had the chance to be

Too busy living the life you wanted me to

The life you chose for me

The dreams you envisioned for me

Trying to fill your shoes

It’s time to fill the empty space

The space that was almost erased by fulfilling everything you wanted me to

Tai John

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