Girl Gone Wise✨

It’s not that she doesn’t care anymore, she always will
She’s got a big heart️, she can’t just sit back and chill
She learned to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve
To put on a good face and do as she may please
Not everyone is worthy of her heart or tender loving care
It’s far too precious and so rare
She must stop making it so easy for others to obtain it
Be fearful of the fact that they might break it
Stop giving so much away and harbor something for her sake
Everyone wants to be loved but isn’t willing to put in what it takes
Hopelessly devoted she awaits the one whose willing to reciprocate
On the outside looking in, she seems like a bitter, heartless bitch
She’s been taken advantage of past the vantage point
Her demeanor a culmination of years of bullshit
Reshaped into a hard headed girl who took the path that wasn’t straight
From good girl to bad girl and back again
Now she’s trying to find her way back to God again
She’s been through some shit, learned and grown from it
Yearning to share her newfound knowledge with the world
For others to take note of the things she’s learned
It made her who she is in every way, shape, and form
Someone on the path of transforming from deranged to simply sane
Not the Virgin Mary or the next Oprah Winfrey
Just another young lady with a story
Trying to set an example for whose coming next
Checking herself before she wrecks
Luckily she hasn’t crashed and burned yet
Although she no longer believes in love at first sight
She still wishes and prays for Mr. Right
She used to have friends as numerous as the stars in the sky
Until she learned whose really for her
In life they say, “You live and you learn”
This girl’s wised up and shall never return
Tai John 

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