WOW: Praise Him in the Valley

This morning, instead of hitting the gym I resorted to embarking on a mother nature run. My mother nature runs aren’t just about the physical aspect, I can go to the gym if that’s my sole aim for the day. My mother nature runs give me something the gym doesn’t, peace of mind, body, and soul. There’s just something about running in the great outdoors. For a moment I get to truly breathe, escape the constrictions of a room or building, move freely, get out of my head and appreciate God’s beautiful earth.

Today’s run was special for two reasons, today was the first time I ran the entire trail without stopping. The little affirmations I kept repeating in my head pushed me to my limit and gave me no room to give up on myself, not to stop but to keep going until I reached the end. That brought me to the realization that the things you think and say to yourself ultimately determine your altitude. If I didn’t push myself with positive thoughts and affirmations I would have taken several breaks along that trail like I usually do, but not today. Today I wanted to start my day off differently by using this run to not only push myself physically but to help me realize that if I can run a trail without stopping then what was stopping me from achieving anything else I put my mind to. I may not be where I want to be or doing what I would like but like Olivia Jade says, “I’m right on time. Not late or behind, but right on time in my journey. Right on time with my purpose.” 

Secondly, today’s run was special to me because after reaching the end of the trail, as I began walking back I was in praise mode. I was sending one praise after another up to God for not just getting me through my run successfully but for everything that I’ve been experiencing in this valley. I thanked Him for everything whether it be little or small because these are the things that beggars on the streets or kids in cancer centers and Shriners Hospital wish they had, the simple things that I take for granted every single day. I thanked him for life, ears that hear, eyes that see, my speech, arms, hands, legs, feet, for the family and friends I have, removing certain people from my life, removing me from my last job, for where I’m currently at, for who I am, for the car I drive, the clothes I have, the home I live in, the food I have, my gifts and talents, for this break, literally everything! I went from thanking him to then making declarations in my life. Just walking and letting my mind run wild with praises and declarations is one time where I didn’t mind being stuck in my head. Instead of getting a headache I gained a greater sense of peace and gratitude. Also for your mid-reading enjoyment here are some pics from one of my mother nature runs. You can get a bit of insight into the beauty I get to experience on my runs..albumtemp.albumtemp.JPG
.albumtempI’ve been in a valley for the past month and throughout this valley I believe I’ve been in a season where God wanted me to learn how to give myself what I needed not wanted, humble myself, have patience and enjoy the moment. I believe I’m in this valley and experiencing this season filled with those crucial lessons because those are some of the things I struggle with most. I have a hard time giving myself needed breaks and living in the moment. I always want to be doing something and have a sense that what I am doing is worthwhile. Idleness tends to make me feel worthless. But it’s not always about me working my ass off, doing something or going somewhere, breaks and rest are necessary. I’m not a cocky individual or a show-off, but learning to make more moves and fewer announcements is a definite key to me being as successful as I would like to be rather than feeling like I need to be acknowledged for my achievements and accomplishments for it to mean something. Patience, in general, is something I struggle with on the daily, I have the tendency to want things when I’m ready for them or better yet when I “think” I’m ready for them. I don’t like to wait, not in traffic, for food, for people to act right, none of it! Realistically I may not be as ready for the things I want as I thought and learning to wait for things to come and happen to me is better than being in a rush and causing more harm than good.

God needed me to grasp and learn these things to lead me to the mountain top. Metaphorically it’s like expecting a flower to blossom when it hasn’t been given the proper nutrients to grow. I alike am a flower who stunted my growth by not allowing myself to receive the nutrients I need to grow. I’ve identified that I got comfortable and complacent where I was in life. I wouldn’t have begun to seek better for myself if God didn’t uproot me from where I was, strip me of my weeds and dead leaves and transplant me into new soil. I think that’s where it all begins, arriving at a realization or giving yourself a reality check. Realizing is one thing but acting on it is one of the hardest parts and sometimes it takes a little push or pull to get you to make a move. Which is exactly what I needed and it’s what I received. Initially, I may have been very confused and upset as to why a turn of events was taking place in my life at a time that I felt like everything was going well. But I honestly would have never changed a thing about my life or who I was if it weren’t for that intervention. And to finally get to a place where I was no longer confused, angry or depressed because of that intervention is like seeing the peak of the mountain after walking through a very dark valley. 

My previous blog post, Setbacks & Comebacks is a direct correlation to this post. The valley I’ve been going through this past month is a setback and now that I have finally awoken to all the reasons that I should be praising Him for placing me in this valley is the start of my comeback. I’m not saying that every day in the valley is a good one, that I feel happy, blessed and grateful. No, there are some dark days where I am very unhappy, pessimistic and ungrateful. But like today, my best days are only as good as I make them and stem from the tone I set for the day. Like I stated before it all starts with your mental state if you speak positive affirmations and declarations into existence than you can expect better vibes and brighter days. But if you do the complete opposite than you can expect to be in a very dark place and feel like you’re walking through a never-ending valley.

Today, May 9th is going to be a blessed, prosperous and fruitful day. It’s all due to starting my day out with learning to praise God in my valley. If I keep this up, in no time I won’t just see the peak of the mountain like I am now, but I’ll be climbing up that mountain of growth and promotion. I hope that if you are going through a valley of your own right now, that I have encouraged you not to give up. Instead I hope that you learn to be willing to accept changes as they come whether the timing is ideal or not, be open to learning lessons, find contentment with where you are and who you are, be grateful for what you have and regardless of whether you are religious or not praise God, a higher power or just be filled with a spirit of gratitude throughout the valley not just when you’re at the mountain top. Know that He hasn’t left you nor forsaken you and he never will.

Continue to experience the Life of Tai in my next post…

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