WOW: Work Hard, Play Harder

We put in hours at work, school, volunteering or whatever the case may be. We work to make money. We go to school to get an education that will provide us with the skills we need to get the job of our dreams someday. We volunteer for the sheer satisfaction of helping others. We do these things and others because they all provide for or reward us in a different way. The question is, does the reward from the work you put in truly feel rewarding? 

Answering this question from my personal perspective, I would say that it rarely does. I spend over 50 hours at work every week (mind you I work at a part-time job, work full-time hours and don’t receive the benefits of a full-time job). I practically live at work, all I need to do is set up a cot and leave my toothbrush and towel there, call it my home away from home. I’ll admit it, I’m a workaholic. I love making my own money and having my own so I’ll put in the time and work to be sure I reap what I sow. The problem is, when I get paid, the money goes so quickly towards my needs and  I don’t have time to spend it on my wants or in a leisurely manner. At times it doesn’t feel worth all the hours I put in. There are even times when I feel like my college degree isn’t worth the four years of hard work, turmoil and prepping and planning since I have yet to land the job of my dreams. With all the reaping that I’ve done as far as work and school, the sowing doesn’t seem to balance out the majority of the time.

BUT I came to a  realization! Money comes and it goes even faster. And post-graduate life, as well as life in general, has a way of taking you on one hell of a journey into your destiny, each unique in their own way. Time as well stops for no man, so when I’m solely focused on working my ass off to make a decent paycheck or racking my brain trying to find my way into my destiny, I’m losing peace of mind and missing out on valuable time that I could be spending doing a leisurely activity or making memories with family and friends, ya know simply enjoying life. So when I get the chance to spend a weekend treating myself, going out for a good time with friends and spending time with my family, or traveling, it’s truly the most rewarding feeling of all. I’m learning not to take family, friends or leisure opportunities for granted, but rather be more open and willing to accept and indulge in these moments when they present themselves. Because these may be the chances, moments and memories that I might not ever get back.

As a matter of fact as of lately, I’ve been doing a much better job of taking advantage of leisurely opportunities when they present themselves. I haven’t completely gotten rid of my workaholic mentality, I’m still pulling as many hours as I possibly can but I’ve also been making more vacancies in my busy work schedule for family, friends, and self-indulging. Recently I caught a flight to Vegas and am spending Halloween weekend with my best friend and sister! This was a much-needed break for me as I’ve solely been working my ass off since I returned from my internship in Australia at the end of February. Since then there hasn’t been much play time at all whatsoever. October arrived and this chance for play presented itself and I just couldn’t refuse. I even have another play time trip coming up at the beginning of November, so stay tuned for my update post on that as well as my update post on how my trip to Vegas plays out!

Working hard and playing harder go hand in hand, it’s a give and take relationship. When you’re working more than you’re playing you’re not giving your mind or body the rest and stability that it needs to rejuvenate and do it all over again. You’re not a machine, your human. Learn to treat yourself as such and give yourself a break every now and then. Reward yourself for your hard work with some personal time, spending one on one time with a significant other, family and friends. Trust that it’ll do more good for you than bad. So here’s to me advising you not to be like me, but be better than me in the sense that you’ll try to find a better work and play balance because the benefits are more rewarding than you would believe.

Start small with these few tips on how to live a more balanced work and play life and reap the benefits:

  • Plan a trip once a year. It doesn’t have to be an overly expensive trip to a foreign country. Just take a few days or week off and have a stay-cation, or drive down to a nearby lake, camp out or stay in a hotel. Get away by any means necessary
  • Schedule in some time for yourself on the daily. Whether it be time for you to cuddle up and read a good book, catch up on your shows or try a new recipe, me time is vital. Be sure you do something that you love and rarely get to do
  • Don’t take family and friends for granted, make time for them instead. You never know how much time we’re all given on this earth so appreciate the people in your lives while you still have them around, make the time count
  • Don’t over do it. Know your limits in everything you do. Over exhausting yourself is bad for your health, emotional, mental and physical state
  • Change up your routine every now and then. Change is the one thing that makes the inevitable seem possible and keeps things interesting

Start implementing these few and simple tasks into your daily lives and you’ll begin to see how making time for yourself, family, friends, and leisure is the greatest reward of all. Remember to work hard at any and everything you do and put your mind to but always play harder. 

Continue to experience the Life of Tai in my next post…

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