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Hey there my lovely readers! I hope you missed me as much as I’ve missed you all! It’s been two months since my last blog post (which you should all read, Forgiveness at its Finest) and I’m  back feeling fired up and inspired!

As most of you know the purpose of my blog is to use the things that I learn throughout my daily life in a way that inspires you and to promote my life motto: living, learning and growing and how it not only applies to my life but how it can apply to yours as well. If you’ve  read any of my previous blog posts then you’ll know about some of the experiences that I’ve had throughout this summer. As summer is coming to a close this post will solely focus on what I’ve learned as a whole throughout this summer and what seasons mean to us as individuals and for our lives.

My Summer ’16

This summer is what I like to call, my season of growth. This wasn’t one of my typical summers, by typical I mean one where I get to travel to a new destination(s), road trip, have tons of pictures to document my good times or spend a great deal of time making memories with friends. My post-graduate life altered my typical summer of living into a quick reality check.

After graduation in December, traveling to Dubai and spending two months in Australia interning and enjoying a travel adventure, I guess I had this fairy-tale idea stuck in my head that everything was going to be cushy and easy peasy. I was going to land the job of my dreams in Australia (which didn’t happen) or come home to regroup and have an even easier time landing the job of my dreams and embarking on living on my own and taking adulting by storm (also didn’t happen). Instead, God had other plans for me. This summer he was going to teach me a series of lessons as he took me on a roller coaster ride through what felt like a never-ending storm season.

I literally spent this atypical summer trying, failing and ultimately feeling so sorry for myself that I repeatedly created a pit of depression, worry, and self destruction to wallow in. I took every closed door and ‘no’ as a failure and allowed it to eventually defeat my spirit and sense of purpose. I allowed temporary situations to allow me to settle and trick my mind into thinking of it as my permanent place and destiny. I allowed every little thing that took place this summer to cause me to forget who and whose I was, a child of the almighty God. As a result, I was filled with self-doubt, defeat, pessimism, Godlessness, and a wavering faith. With all the things that I believed were bad throughout this summer, there’s always a big fat ‘but‘. The but is the good that I learned to take from what I believed to be bad and use it constructively.

Lessons, AKA Blessings In Disguise

If you’ve read my blog posts throughout the summer there is always a moral or splurge of positivity that can be taken away from them. As this summer comes to a close this is a summarized list of things that I have learned from what God has been teaching me throughout my storm season:

  • I learned that just like there are different seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. There are also seasons that we as individuals go through in life and the sole purpose of going through these seasons is to allow growth to take place and prepare and promote us into the next season.
  • I learned that the things that you may wish, want and dream for yourself don’t always align with what God has intended for you, they’re actually worse in comparison to what He has in store. He only wants what’s best for you and that’s usually something that is hard to fathom.
  • I learned that there is nothing wrong with having/setting ambitions, dreams and goals for yourself (by all means it’s important to have these things) but to take things at face value and be realistic about them in all aspects (Reading into Reality).
  • I learned what it means to truly be content and humble while in temporary seasons of life, no season lasts forever. Regardless of whether you’re exactly where you want to be in life or not, you should be grateful for where you’re at and continue to look ahead, pray and work to get where you want to be. Because you cannot blossom if you do not first grow where you are currently (Growing and Blossoming).
  • I learned that overthinking allows worry to trick your mind into believing that it is a necessity when in reality it serves no actual purpose or does any good (Overthinker Probs).
  • I learned that you don’t have to have it all together in your 20s just because it seems like the grass is greener in everyone else’s yard. To each, their own journey, focus on yours. Because there is no time limit to reach your ambitions, dreams, goals, destiny or any height that you want in life. If anything time is the one thing that is on your side (WOW: There’s Still Time).
  • I learned to take charge of your life and do what makes you feel alive and happy regardless of what others have to say or think because you only have this one life to live and it should be lived on your terms (Why I Cut My Hair Off).
  • I learned to look at things from different perspectives and take what is usually seen in a negative aspect and flip, twist or rearrange it in a manner that allows it to be seen in a positive light (WOW: The Power within Loneliness).
  • I learned to always stay hungry for more and eat by all means necessary. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, work harder to turn your ambitions, dreams, and goals into your reality (Hungry for More).
  • I learned the art of forgiveness and what it can do for you as well as others in the process (WOW: Forgiveness at its Finest)

Thanks to My Main Man

I hope you caught and like what I did there with my lessons learned throughout this summer(; Every one of the lessons that I learned throughout my “never ending storm” is contained in one of those blog posts (be sure to take a read of them ALL) from the course of these past five months. Now here we are in August with this post summing them all up. Out of all my summers over the years filled with traveling escapades, once in a lifetime experience, family, friends, and memories galore, this one will stand out above them all. I’ll never forget this one and how it made me feel.

This was the summer where I felt like I hit my lowest in all aspects and constantly knocked on my breaking points door. This was the summer I learned to not just hold God’s hand but to squeeze His hand and allow Him to guide me through the storm and be open to him providing me with things that I didn’t even know I needed. This was the summer filled with tons of learning experiences and a tremendous amount of growth mentally, emotionally, physically and above all spiritually. I have seen and experienced all forms of my life motto: living, learning and growing and I am even more excited to continue to fulfill my motto throughout the remainder of this year. What started out seeming like a bummer summer turned out to be the most ideal and rewarding one of them all. And for that, I am forever grateful to the Man above for allowing me to experience this season.

Keep in mind that in life we will all go through seasons, some better than others. Seasons of sadness, grief, loneliness, worry, fear, failure, hardships, success, happiness, abundance, promotion, the list goes on and on. But each and every one of those seasons is intended to help you plant seeds, nourish and grow from them. Which one of life’s seasons are you in?

Continue to experience the Life of Tai in my next post…

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