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Why I Cut My Hair Off✂️

When it comes to my hair, versatile is my middle name. I’ve done just about any and everything that you can think of, from coloring to various hairstyles. I’ve cut all my hair off before, but this time my reasoning behind it had a greater meaning. This time it was about me making a statement. My current position has caused me to feel like I have no control over anything in my life. I don’t have control over my job status, finances, relationships, friendships, transportation, nothing! But the one thing that I still had control over next to my social media accounts, was my hair.

My hair issues:

  1. I absolutely hate dealing with my natural hair.
  2. I never know what to do with it.
  3. It takes way too much maintenance, time consuming and frustrating. That’s usually why it’s always in some form of an up doo.
  4. I’ve always done what someone suggests or tells me to do with my hair, sometimes without having a say in it at all.
  5. Due to the amount of stress that I allow life’s situations to place on me, I tend to lose hair. My hair literally falls out and leaves me with very thin hair in places or bald spots (yea not cute).

So to relieve some stress and allow myself to regain control of some aspect of my life, this was step one, cut it off.
As weird as this may sound, coming home and washing my hair from my haircut was the most liberating experience! I felt so refreshed as I let the water run through my scalp. It’s been a while since I’ve genuinely smiled or laughed, I’m usually crying or just angry at myself and everything. But in that moment I found my smile and laughter again, hell I even cried a bit. This haircut was something I had been planning on doing for a while and it felt good to finally see it come to light. I found a little piece of Tai that I had been searching for and it felt better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to find the rest of me as I continue making steps to regain control of my life, the Life of Tai. 

Just so you guys can enjoy my many hair transformations as much as I have up until this point, take a scroll through my hair journey:

Senior year of high school ’11: 

Rocking the natural curls for prom

Freshman year @ Lamar Uni ’12:

Couldn’t find pictures for this (I’ll add them later when I do) but I still had the same natural curls and eventually  permed it (big mistake numero uno), got a bob (big mistake numero dos) and dyed it red (big mistake numero tres). I hated every minute of it. I told myself I would never layer my hair or get a perm again!

Sophomore year @ Texas A&M Uni ’13:

Courtesy of my perm, I cut all the perm off and rocked a natural curly fro.

After continuously slicking down my sides and pinning them back I decided to just shave the sides altogether and get a mohawk. Not just the mohawk alone, I thrived on being unique so I had to have a blonde streak.

Summer ’13: 

After growing tired of the curly mohawk, I decided it was time to let my sides grow back. So for the summer I rocked what I like to call, a wet dog look (not my best decision).

Towards the end of the summer I decided to just let one side grow back and shave the other, hence my shaved side era. I also added extensions (weave) in there to give me length. Side note: that’s my beautiful mother standing next to me(:

Junior year @ A&M ’14:

All throughout this year I rocked the shaved side with straight, curly and wavy styles at various lengths.

Summer ’14:

Having had enough of my shaved side, it was back to the drawing board or the cutting board I should say, cut all my hair off once again , dyed it and was introduced to finger waves.

Senior year @ A&M ’15: 

I was still rocking finger waves for part of my year and after my hair had grown too long for finger waves it was time to let it breathe and restrategize.

Restrategizing for me meant, my hair needed to grow out more, so back to protective styles.


Processed with Moldiv

Summer ’15:

I remained with big curly hair as I traveled to Sydney, Australia, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for the summer.

Fall semester/last semester of Uni @ Texas A&M ’15:

Around the time of my senior pictures, itching for a change, I cut it shorter.

Right before graduation I was advised to get a perm. After my experience with perms before you’d think I wouldn’t have made the same mistake twice, but stupidly I did. Side note: that’s my parents and older brother next to me(:

Post graduate life ’15/’16:

Right after graduation I traveled to Dubai and then Australia in the new year 2016. I had no choice but to deal with my natural hair, courtesy of that damn perm I got before graduation. I resorted to many up doos, just because it was easier than having to deal with my hair and other way. Especially in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

Finally here I am today, April 30th 2016 feeling refreshed, anew, free and in control of at least one aspect of my life, my hair.

Continue to experience the Life of Tai in my next post…

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