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The last gig ’em I threw up was December 18th at my graduation ceremony from THE Texas A&M University. My goal was to have created this blog on January 1st to symbolize beginning a new year and embarking on a new journey to adulthood. But as we all know life happens and things don’t always go as planned, which is usually for the best. Take a scroll through all of my lovely grad pics, my photographer definitely made me feel very modelesque this day.

So today, January 18th I release the first of many posts to come. Just to give a brief update on my post-grad life thus far: the day after graduation, accompanied by my parents we caught a flight to no place other than, Dubai! Yes! The John’s family (minus my brother) took on Dubai in December. Take a scroll through some of the pics from our vaca!

Despite all the smiles in the pics and the general hype that surrounds this country, I don’t believe it lived up to the hype. It was literally the trip from H E L L. From losing our luggage for 3 days to having to deal with people who have manners worst than their BO to taking an 18-hour intolerable flight back home surrounded by screaming babies, smelly, rude, disgusting people was the last straw for me!
In my opinion, the best part about Dubai was its architecture, other than that it’s way more hyped up than it was cut out to be. Sorry Dubai you disappointed, stressed, & ticked me off to the max. That is one country I will NOT be revisiting anytime soon. But all in all, I am still very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to catch a flight and see what Dubai was like for myself first hand. Despite what I’m saying now, maybe I’ll change my mind someday and catch another flight to Dubai and give it just one more try!

After Dubai I began preparing myself for the next trip I was going to be embarking on. On January 7th I was going to be catching my next flight to Melbourne, Australia to intern for a magazine publication by the name of, Dumbo Feather (Dumbo Feather )

For me, this trip wasn’t just about interning for a company for a little while and then coming back to Texas. This trip was about so much more: getting my foot in the door to grab hold of my dream to work and live overseas. Along with soaking up an immense amount of work experience, building connections, meeting new people and enjoying all that the beautiful city of Melbourne has to offer my eyes are set on staying. Not only finding my way into staying but finding myself along the way. My mother always told my brother and me that, the world is our oyster so I intend to take the world by storm by all means necessary to get what I want out of this trip. First thing was first, travel to Melbourne, Australia and figure out this crazy phenomenon, adulting.

Continue to experience the Life of Tai in my next post…

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